Monday, January 17, 2011

Radiation Update - 1st Vlog - 2 Timothy 4:17

Last week proved to be a busy week as I adjusted to adding radiation treatments to my daily schedule. So, sorry for the silence this last week. A lot of newness and change was added, not just for me, but my husband and children.  This is my first attempt at posting a vlog, and that too, proved to be a learning curve and a test of my patience as I learned how to upload it!! I am not a technical person, and we don't have a video camera, so I attempted using my laptop's webcam....I don't think I'll do this very often, but thought it would be a quick and more personal way to let you all know how my new treatment was going....and you get to see my new hair....probably more exciting for me than you...but thought I'd share!

Thanks so much for your ongoing prayers! God is faithful and continues to carry us each step of the way. Much love to you all!

Here we go.....:)


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

What a beautiful job you did!

What a sweet and precious heart you have!

What a glorious work He is doing inside of you!

Praising Him for the love He constantly showers us with every single day and every moment of our lives!

Lifting you up before His throne of grace daily!

Love the new hair!
Love you,

Mrs. Teapot said...

Thank you for taking the time to make this vlog. God is using you and your circumstances to be a voice for Him. What a beautiful testimony your life is of Christ.

You are beautiful inside and out. May our Lord continue to carry you through this journey. As we remember that this world is not our home and one day we will be in glory with Him forever more.


Emily said...

Sweet Friend,

You are beautiful inside and out! Thank you for the message! I pray that as you are able, you can do that more and more :) No pressure! haha. Praying for you DAILY.


Sara said...

Stacy, you are beautiful inside and out!! My Anna is next to me and agrees! I have to say you have such a sweet voice... I love hearing your voice...

Thanks for the great encouragement today Stacy... I always feel like the battle you are enduring is so much BIGGER than what I am enduring... But you are spurring me on friend! Thankyou!

I am so glad that your radiation is going well! That was great news!

May our gracious God continue to carry you right now!


Dakota said...

Hey, I just came across your blog by doing a bit of blog-surfing, and I'm glad I did! I've added myself as your newest follower, and I hope you'll check out my Christian devotional site as well:

Have a blessed day!

In Christ,

Debbie said...

Oh Stacy I am soo glad you posted today as I have been wondering how the radiation has been going. The fact that you did a vlog was sooo exciting. I love those. I love how it really does give you more of a "feel" of the person. How beautiful you are! And not just on the outside, but on the inside as well...It just pours right out of you what the Lord is doing in your heart. I find that verse and section of scripture particularily encouraging as well, and I am soo glad you shared it. The radiation doesn't sound too bad, and how grateful I am for you. I will continue to pray for you everyday! How wonderfully exciting that your hair is growing back. My middle son has that same patch of "white" hair on his head practically in the same place you do. How funny huh? Had it since he was a little boy. I imagine on a woman it just looks like a beautiful highlight streak....My son wears his hair quite short and is always soo visible, haha...

It won't be long (time whips by soo fast) and you will be on the other side of this treatment praising God for walking you through step by step.

You have soo blessed me today!

HUGS, Debbie

Melissa said...

It seems that every time I open your blog I am stepping into a divine appointment with God. This post hit home for me on so many levels. A feeling of deep lonlieness is something that I have experienced often in recent days and weeks in my journey through suffering and adversity. Thank you for the reminder that even in the moments when I feel alone God stands with me. And He has given me all the armor I need to stand firm in the battle. You are radiant! I really love the video blog- It adds such a personal touch! It really feels like it is a personal conversation between you and viewer! Thank you for sharing and for pouring His truth into my heart. God gave me such a gift when He led me to your blog for the first time! I have been praying for you and I will continue.
Much Love in Christ,

{darlene} said...

you are too cute! I loved hearing your voice.
praying for you, sweet thing!

babyrndeb said...

That was treat....getting to 'see' you and hear your lovely voice :)
You are so special.
And I love the new hair

The Montgomerys said...

Stacy! You are so beautiful! Continually praying for you!! Awesome vlog! God Bless!!
Monica :)

Melissa said...

Six key words from Ephesians 6:10 that allow us to "stay strong in the Lord". So glad to see that you are resisting the temptation to draw solely from within to stay strong, and that you are abiding in Him.

Great to SEE you!! and am blessed by the details of your journey -- both physical and spiritual.

Make some room in your budget for a new eye lash curler, gel, pony tail holders and bows for your new hair!! Oh yah, and razors too ;-) Lol.

With hope and good cheer!

Love you,

A multi-dimensional life said...

You are so precious and I can't even find the words to describe how you have blessed me!

I know this is a silly little thing, but I want to GIFT it to YOU
anyway....please stop by and pick it up!

I'm so happy to hear your words of beauty through your voice now as well as the page! Love and Blessings and prayers always!
Lorraine xo

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

You did a great it must have been a small learning curve..go girl!
I love the hair...that is just awesome...I love the count down.
Blessings as you continue on the journey...thanks for the encouraging words from the Lord in Timothy.
Shalom to you and your household.
You continue to be in my prayers

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

The eyes of grace and Jesus, shining forth through you and your words! A lonely leg of the journey, indeed, flanked by the presence of the Almighty.

You are precious to me and are always in my thoughts and prayers. And your hair is gorgeous... as is! I look forward to growing my own in the days to come.

Keep to it...


Lisa said...

Dear Stacey, Your blog is so inspirational. I love to meet people with steadfast faith such as yourself. Your strength is a blessing to everyone who reads your blog. I will pray for you.
Love Lisa - A Christian on the other side of the world, Australia.