Friday, November 19, 2010

End of A Great Football Season

Yes...I'm still awake as the clock says 3:47....I guess I slept a little too much this evening. My eyes are so heavy right now, as sleep is calling my name once again. We'll see what this means for tomorrow. 

I realized as I was laying here that I never shared the end to Seth's football season. They did, in fact, get defeated last weekend to the Pop Warner Buffalo Bills (from Buffalo, NY). You can see by the picture below, we were a bit outnumbered and they were a really good team. Our boys played hard with an ending score of 14 to 6. 

We were blessed with the most glorious weather for football that day. They played at a high school outside NYC. All the kids took a motorcoach to the game and my husband and children were able to ride along. It worked out beautifully, as I was driving down from Rochester after spending the early part of the weekend there. We met up at the game and then were able to drive home together. I was so thankful for the time to dose off on the ride home. 

Pre-game talk from league official 

Seth making a block on offense

Seth, 2nd in from top, near the white line, getting ready for the kick return

Walking off the field at the end of the game. They were so disappointed.

Tuesday night Seth had his closing football banquet where the team and individuals were recognized and honored for their amazing season of teamwork. They did go undefeated throughout the season. They have much to be proud of. I am especially proud of Seth, as it was a touch transition for him. He went from the big fish last year to the little fish this year. It was a season of God getting to some heart issues with my boy.....humbling him, teaching him patience and perseverance, teaching him to always give God the glory and each time he plays to play with all he's got...God will show Himself strong for Seth. And God never disappoints. He showed Himself strong and by the end of the season, Seth was starting on offensive, where before he was the second string. 

I love how God doesn't waste a moment to teach our hearts. May we always have hearts to receive and eyes to see Him. 

Everyone's already talking about next year. So hard to think that far ahead....but praying that God will have me right back on those sidelines, cheering on my boys.  Our youngest son, Jed, informed us that he, too, would like to play football next year. That would be three on the field. that will work, only God knows! So, I leave it all with Him. 

Off to sleep......

Much love,


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

So glad to read this awesome...and yes you on the sidelines cheering them both on. As a sports mom for over 20 straight years I have seen God use sports to teach all my children and me! I wouldn't trade one year of any of their sports.
Blessings to you all and continued healing and wellness in Him.
I see your pictures and think of mine when they were how time flies...the oldest turns 27 on Sunday!

Debbie said...

I am soo glad you posted about this. I was wondering what had happened. All 4 of my children played sports all through their growing up years and right on through high school. My daughter played on a travel softball team and we traveled all over the country playing. Some of the best times ever. And the learning experiences were too many to count. All of my boys played football and my husband went to Nebraska on a football scholarship so to say football was big around here would be putting it mildly, haha...Soo fun. Hope you are feeling OK, and getting some sleep now. Have a wonderful week-end.

Oh, and I have been meaning to say, it's nice to meet another Calvary Chapel gal. Chuck Smith really is blessed of God.

Melissa said...

Your writing always touches my heart so deeply! Thank you for sharing your heart and always pointing your readers to Him! You are not only a great cheerleader for your children, but for those who read your blog! Thanks for cheering me on in faith. You set such a beautiful example of what it means to persevere and cling to hope in the midst of such deep suffering. God is being glorified in and though you!

My thoughts and continued prayers are with you!

Richest Blessings in Christ,


Ginny Marie said...

What a beautiful day for the last game! Having three boys on the field will keep you very busy. I hope you slept well, and are having a great day.

Sara said...

Stacy... I am behind too on my blogs:) We are up in WI visiting family. Stacy, I can't believe that you have one more chemo in this round:) Hang in there girl... He will be carrying you through. I will be praying for His sustaining power... by the way... I think you look just great in the picture in the last post:) God's love is shining all over you!

Praying friend!

babyrndeb said...

Congratulations to the team!! And to Seth as he is growing up :)
Praying for lots of rest for you as one more chemo round is done.
Think of you often,

A multi-dimensional life said...

So glad you had such a great season! Your children are a wonderful example because of you!
Keeping you in prayer, always!

Melissa said...

I just saw your comment on Jill's blog that you are having a hard day. I am praying for you right now. I pray that you will feel His arms of love around you and that you are able to breathe in His peace as you endure the hardships of the day. I am so sorry for your suffering! I pray that God will allow you to continue to see He hand in this that you might find joy in that entire He is doing in and though you.

Much Love and Many Prayers,


He & Me + 3 said...

The end is always bitter sweet wether you win or lose. Awesome that the boys went undefeated during the season. Something to be proud of for sure. I am sure this season for Seth was a great experience & one he won't soon forget.
It will be a challenge to have three on the field...but it can be done :) (i know about that...LOL)

Darlene said...

yay. just saw that you had a prayer button. Adding it NOW!!!