Saturday, October 30, 2010

Family Time & FUN!

Can you guess what we did this week?

We were in need of some "Put the textbooks aside," some "breathe in the glorious fall air" some "let's not think about cancer today and just go and have fun" kinda family time of a day.

And so, off to the Apple Orchard we went. And it was FUN!

FUN watching each child reach in to find the "perfect" apple.

FUN to see the joy on their precious, little faces.

FUN to capture them holding their "prized" pick.

FUN standing back and glimpsing the oldest coming alongside the youngest.

FUN to wrap our arms around each other. Laugh together. Smile together. Be silly together. And say thank you, Lord for this beautiful, crisp, somewhat cloudy, appointment free, apple picking moment in time when we can come together as a family and just have FUN!

(Feeling overly ambitious, I did go home and make an apple pie and this weekend thought I'd tackle some applesauce...never made it before so if anyone has any suggestions or a recipe...let me know!)

On a side note: It had been a hard couple of days. Last Sunday morning, I began to go down hill again after my Thursday chemo. Throughout church my body fought hard but against muscle aches, temperature regulation, and bone pain and when we walked in the door from church....back to bed I went for the day. Monday was better. I was functioning but so run down. Tuesday I had to go into Philadelphia for a Vit. C IV infusion which ending up taking all day and by Wednesday I was finally feeling strengthened again and pain free. Rejoicing that I had a couple of days or normalcy before it all begins again this Wednesday.

I am off now to Luke's final football game of his season. Seth's play-off game was changed to next week, which ended up being such a blessing so we could focus on Luke and his game today. Overall, it is a pretty quiet weekend for us. A welcomed change.

Enjoy each moment of your weekend.

Much love,


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

This is sooooooooo awesome to read...this was my prayer for you this week and to go to the football game this morning was my prayer for you this morning. I am so glad God put you on my heart and that I could see what He did with your family.
What a wonderful, non-text book, but full learning day!!! I love those home school days!
Blessings...continuing my prayers for you!

Melissa said...
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Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

I am praising God for your beautiful day and family! So glad to see you get out and enjoy LIFE!

As you know reading your words are like an open wound to my heart as I grasp all that God is doing in our family now.

I thank God for your love and the beauitful friendship we share.

Praying over you today and hoping to sit face to face again soon!

Love you,
PS Homemade applesauce is easy to make google it or go onto Pioneer Woman. Enjoy the cinnamon smell filling your home! Mmmmmm!

Melissa said...

I love to make applesauce! It takes some time, but is well worth the effort.
Our recipe: (for a large batch)
16 apples peeled and sliced

Put in a large pan with 2 cups water, and 2 cups white surar.

Cook until the apples are soft and can be mashed. Stir frequently

Add cinnamon to taste if desired.

I continue to pray for you and your family.

God Bless you!


LisaShaw said...

Precious Sister, your family fun time is priceless! I enjoyed the privilege of being allowed to share in it through your photos.

My prayers are wrapped around you dear one. Praying you feel the LORD'S HANDS of Healing and Comfort wrapped around you. He loves you and your family.

Much love!

A multi-dimensional life said...

I'm warmed by your photos of those precious faces and so glad you had such a fun time! I'm sure your week-end fun will continue with apple pie and apple sauce, football and family time! What a huge blessing!
Prayers of gratitude! Prayers for protection! Prayers for healing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy,

Now that looks like some "Fall" Fun! What a gorgeous bunch of children you have! Just like their mama!

I want you to know that I am trying to live more "intentionally" thanks to you.

It may sound corny but this morning I truly believe I was awakend by the Lord at 5:00 a.m. and we chatted about you, all my girlfriends and about how He wants for me to learn to live more "intentionally". Thank you yet again for planting seeds of holy wisdom in my heart. You are such a Godly woman!

I hope you have the best week possible ahead of you. I will be praying for you.


P.S. Happy Halloween! (If we must!)

Darlene said...

what a wonderful day!
Our family continues to pray for you every day!
I praise God for precious days like these! May he continue to bless you with the energy to enjoy millions more of apple picking days. How was your pie????

Jenny said...

Thank you so much for stopping by leaving me a sweet comment! I am so glad I found your blog and now know how to pray for you! You have a BEAUTIFUL family and I'm so glad the Lord blessed you with such a wonderful, joy-filled day!

Debbie said...

Stacy, I somehow missed this post over the week-end, but glad I caught it today. I am soo glad you had that time with your family. My hubby and I went this year to the apple orchard on our own. We usually go with some little ones or another but it didn't work this year so we went by ourselves. What an amazing time we had and how I think the Lord worked it out just so we could enjoy that time together. We came home with bunches of apples of course, but also with some VERY yummy apple preserves. I was going to save it for thanksgiving, but then I opened it up (for a quick taste, haha) and now it will be soo hard to do. I am sorry you had a rough couple of days there, but am praying the Lord will strengthen you for what is left. It is almost over!! Glad you got to the football game. Your kids are just adorable btw....Praying blessings on you, Debbie

Lynnette Kraft said...
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Lynnette Kraft said...

It sounds like you had some serious fun and made some beautiful memories with your family.

I'm so sorry to hear about your cancer. Bless your heart. I will pray for you when I hop in bed here in a few minutes. Hugs to you.

So glad you have such warm embraces to encourage you each day. Your family is absolutely beautiful. :)

Linda said...

I am your new follower and I have enjoyed my visit here today. I was blessed!
Your photos are wonderful!
I look forward to following you.

He & Me + 3 said...

It does look like you had the most glorious family day. Those are precious times and precious memories. Beautiful picture of you with the kids. You all have such picture perfect smiles. I love it!
So glad you felt good enough to enjoy the day.

Ilene said...

Hi Stacy,
Just multi-tasking in the kitchen (filling a water bottle at the sink and putting a lid on a container of chicken broth at the same time)...I had to smile as as the LORD brought you to mind... so I'm passing on that smile to you!
Ilene G.

Trisha said...

How wonderful, Stacy! This is what's important, and you did it well. Happy applesauce-making!

Darlene said...

Praying for you this morning.