Monday, August 2, 2010

A Little Bit of Normalcy

Can you guess where I spent my evening?
And where I will be spending many more this month...

HIKE....the football season is upon us and a little normalcy is nice to have back in our lives.

That would be Luke, our 9 year old in the black shirt.....1st season playing. I guess after he saw his brother, Seth, run, tackle and tackle some more last year.....He decided he wanted a turn on the field this year. We are thinking he has more of a throwing arm and his speed is rather quick...Barclay thinks Quarterback....time will tell. But one things for sure,
He loved his first night on the field.
Seth moved up to the 120's this year....He has his daddy's build ya know! :) He's quick, He's tough and he has a fire in his belly for this sport. Why all his sports require a helmet, makes this momma a little crazy....but yet again, we walk by faith!

I forgot how crazy the football season is when you are healthy and whole. To say I was a bit overwhelmed this evening would be an understatement. At the field by 5:45 and staying til 8:00, five nights a week, has given me a few moments of pause today. Not too sure how this is going to look in the next couple of weeks. But we are giving it a go. To see the joy on the boy's faces and give them some normalcy back into life. I'll do whatever it takes.
And they both went full steam ahead.....
as we all enjoyed from the sidelines and Faith and Jed played at the playground.

I was a tired momma when 8:00 hit. Pain meds had worn off. No nap today. But to see these two smile.....worth every minute.
Football will be adding a new layer to our days, especially as I am STILL not driving due to this right arm of mine, oh and valium and Percocet. But each day the dosage is a little less and the arm gains a little more movement. It's hard to keep me down for long.

One thing is for sure, as crazy as the day was,
a little normalcy is such a welcome addition to my day.
Here's to the start of many days on the football field and many cheers from the sideline.

Much love,


babyrndeb said...

Thank God for just a little bit of normalcy...not only for you but for your children also. There are times where we learn to really appreciate the little things in life.

And the children will always remember that you were there with them - at games and practices. I can remember sitting on the side lines many times for soccer. It doesn't last forever so enjoy these 'normal' times :)

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

You are such a trooper and wonderful Mom!

I love the photos - great job!

Hugs, blessings and prayers!

tab said...

Well, if that's not medicine for the soul then I don't know what is! I can't even imagine how you did it today, but kudos for not falling into bed at the end of it all- at least not until you shared these smiles with all of us. It's hard to believe how big they are getting! I still picture Luke as a little guy and sort of hate that he is growing up so fast. Give them high-fives from Auntie. Glad you were blessed with boys and not me:) Those helmets almost make me have to call 911... and I can just picture the pile of laundry that builds after each practice. Hoy!

He & Me + 3 said...

It is always nice to get back to the norm. Take it easy and definitely take care of you.
Great pictures and tons of fun for both boys.
My oldest will be doing cheer this fall. Starting on August 16th. 6 nights a week practice. YIKES

adrianne said... glad we were able to spend the day together. The smiles are time lets have a picture of you with the boys.
Love you..a

Kari said...

I am so in awe of you. Your courage, strength, and love is amazing. Your children are so blessed to have a mom like you! Normalcy is a good thing isn't it? Such a good reminder to not take for granted the small things - the things that truly matter.

Be easy on yourself though- try and let yourself rest as much as you can even though I can tell that you are a go-getter. I can not believe that you made it to the football field...but what a self-less gift to your children.

You are in my prayers especially as you continue to navigate your way through this journey and continue to come up against all these doors that need to be opened!

I know this is not a journey you would have EVER chosen for yourself but you are carrying it out with such beauty and grace. Take care!

stephannee said...

Normal is glad to hear about your day and to see pics of it as well. Your boys are so cute! Praying for you this week. :)

Alison said...

Glad to hear you're a little better Stacy. I know it warms your heart to watch your boys playing and enjoying themselves. You have such a sweet family :)

Sara said...

Stacy, what a great mama you are. I continue to pray for the Lord's healing touch on your body... and for Him to strengthen you for each new day:)