Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's been a long week....

Today was beautiful.

I'm not speaking of the weather. That too, was beautiful.  From frigid 30's for the past week to the 50's today. Yes, the air lost its bite and a warmth was replaced.

But today was beautiful for other reasons.

Today, 120 women gathered at our church celebrating our Savior at our Women's Christmas luncheon. Breaking bread together. Worshipping together. Fellowshipping together joined by the common thread of Jesus Christ our Lord...sisters in Christ.

And God was there. His Spirit was felt in such a tangible way as He moved through the hearts of the women, especially mine.  As He spoke through the woman sharing the message from Isaiah 9:6:

"For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called 
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

Speaking Truth, speaking love, speaking of prophecy and fulfillment, speaking of the gift of salvation and the greatest gift giver, all wrapped in one. Jesus Christ. Speaking of the character of Jesus. Who He is and what He's done for us.

That the focus of this season is not just a baby laying in a manager. That was Jesus's earthly entrance fully God and fully man. That day in Bethlehem was life changing. But Jesus came to do so much more. He walked among us fulfilling a purpose. Bestowing upon us a gift wrapped in more love than our minds can fathom...the giving of Himself.....and He suffered unjustly on the cross at Calvary for my sins and yours, died and rose again....alive today.....seated at God's right hand on the heavenly throne desiring a relationship with you and me.

From the manager, to the cross, to the throne.

May we celebrate Him this Christmas season. May we get to know more of His heart. More of His thoughts. More of His ways. May we focus on the gift giver. Thanking Him and loving Him, giving more to Him than to any other. He is the greatest gift giver.

He is Wonderful. The great Counselor. Mighty God and Everlasting Father. The Prince of Peace.

He is worthy.

Do you know Him? May we all seek Him this Christmas season.

It was a beautiful ending to a long week and so humbling and fulfilling seeing God bring 6 months of prayer and preparation to fulfillment, as He allows me to oversee our church's Women's Ministry. What a privilege.

On another note....

I'm sorry I've been away for the last week or so.  After chemo, I retreated to my bed for a few days. Bone pain descended. Fatigue took over. But God gave respite even in the midst of this last recovery, allowing me to attend a much anticipated wedding and also make it to church last Sunday.  Each day I fell into bed quickly thereafter, but was thankful to make it out. By Tuesday, I was back on my feet feeling restored once again and chemo a thing of my past.

In the midst of final luncheon preparations this past week, I had my first radiation oncology appointment on Wednesday. Bible Study Thursday morning and then that afternoon, I had two moles removed in an outpatient procedure. Friday set up for the luncheon and then right now.

It has been a long week. I hope to share more about my appointment this week, as God moved mountains once again and spoke so intimately to my heart the morning of my radiation appointment. And then Satan, as is His way, tried to wreak havoc on my mind on Thursday following my procedure. He surely doesn't want me walking in Christ's victory, or entering Christ's rest. And He ramped things up on Thursday after my plastic surgeon informed me he is a little worried about the mole taken off my back.

So we wait for pathology to come back this week. And as I wait, I will rest in the Lord and His goodness because again.....He is Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

I don't have to understand why things happen as they do, but I trust in a God who does and who holds me in His righteous right hand.

That is where I am resting tonight. I pray you are too!

Much love,

PS...A huge thank you to my sweet blogging sister in the Lord, Lisa. I came to post tonight and saw all your precious comments, quickly learning that Lisa had shared my story of God's Victory on her blog. I was humbled beyond words. My heart was touched by each one of you. Thank you for praying me through this breast cancer journey. I hope to stop by and say hi to each of you.

And lastly....yes, I will stop here......8 years ago today, my precious boy, Joshua, went home to be with the Lord. Hard to believe it has been 8 years. In many ways it seems like yesterday and in seems like forever. He is being remembered today. A precious gift to our family in so many ways. Again, God set forth the perfect day, a day my mind was on Him and all that He has done. God gives and takes away....blessed be the Lord.

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning." James 1:7


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

What a joy to hear the have been in my prayers! Girl what strength you had a very full week!
Blessings today as you remember your little boy!
Continued strength, continued healing, may He continue to lift you up in this journey!

Yolanda said...

My heart is with you today and will you will remain in my prayers. You are such a lovely sweet soul and testimony. May you have peace and a lovely holiday season.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

I'm so glad the luncheon was such a blessing to you! I'm sure it was for all who attended.

I was so touched when I saw Lisa's post about you. I love her and can't wait to meet her in person!

We will be praying for a good report Stacy!

Much love and blessings!

Diana said...

You amaze me. As you know I am a fairly new follower, and your testimony blesses my heart! Will be praying for you.

Sara said...

Wow, 8 years that Joshua has been with the Lord... celebrating the gift of his life with you:) So thankful that your chemo is done... will be praying along side of you for the pathology reports this week... Praying for continued rest for your soul:)
Much Love!!!

Debbie said...

Wow...yes you had a very full and busy week but I am soo glad the Lord gave you the strength for the wedding and to go to church. I am also glad the Christmas luncheon went well. How I LOVE that verse. I pray the Lord gives you comfort and peace today as you remember your sweet little boy. I will pray to bind the power of the enemy on your heart and mind as you wait for your results. ENJOY this day....HUGS!

Genevieve Thul said...

What a mix of bitter and sweet in this post! Praising God with you that we serve the Victor.

Debbie Wewer said...

Stacy, what a blessing to read your blog. I read it to my mom who is jewish and does not believe in Jesus. She sat down and went back and read your blog from the very beginning and your words melted her heart. She cried and cried. Mom is also a cancer survivor and I pray soon saved by Jesus. I am so happy that you had a great Christmas luncheon and miss those days at Calvary. I also am blessed to remember your son Joshua since my Joshua is now 8 years old and was born prior to your Joshua. No doubt in my mind that your angel Josh is in heaven looking down at his mama so proud, smiling and so loving. May your day be blessed and may your Christmas be white as snow.... clean bill of health, the love of Christ upon your entire family! God bless you and thank you dear one for opening your heart and soul to all of us. Love Debbie

lisasmith said...

Sweet Stacy,

What a beautiful heart is expressed here. I want you to know I am praying extra for you this week. May God be with you and your family as you celebrate Joshua's sweet life and as you continually wait. I pray the mole is nothing! I pray your radiation goes smoothly and quickly. Your faith is inspiring, my friend. Open the gift of His presence this season =)

LisaShaw said...

Precious sister,

May the comfort of the LORD wrap around you and your hubby and family as you remember your precious son who is wrapped in the arms of Jesus and alive and well in Him.

I pray also for the results of the pathology report for I BELIEVE TO SEE THE GOODNESS OF THE LORD IN THE LAND OF LIVING and you are living girl! You are live in Him and I'm trusting His divine will that the report results will be what HE wills. Praying for you. Psalm 27:13-14.

You are a joy to know Stacy. You have no idea. If you lived closer I'd be at your home loving on you and your family for sure but since I can't, I'm here...praying with love.

A multi-dimensional life said...

You are a joy! Your strength and your faith are always an inspiration to me. Thank you for blessing me each time I read your words! Praising God for Joshua and for the gift He was and is.
Continuing to keep you in my prayers, daily!
Celebrating Jesus, the reason for the season!

He & Me + 3 said...

I read about you on Lisa's blog too. She is a precious sister in the Lord. She blessed me each time I visit just like you do.
What an awesome message from your luncheon. Praying that you get a good report.

Darlene said...

a long week indeed. Praying for you still. Remembering Joshua this day...
You don't leave the prayers of our family,