Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Drum Roll Please.....

I am humbled and honored to accept my first blogging award!! I was so shocked yesterday as I read through my comments and saw Amy had given me this beautiful award....a Brilliant Blogger Award....I am hardly that...but thank you Amy for thinking so!

Your words inspire me each day...thank you for sharing your heart for Jesus. Check out her blog and be blessed....especially on Wednesdays with Wordless Wednesdays. It is a wonderful idea for just meditating of God's word....His Word is so often enough! (But Amy definitely has some Godly wisdom and encouragement to share! :)

Thank you so much.

To all of you who have passed through my world and caught a glimpse of my heart, my family, and my love for Jesus...Him alone I desire to serve...thank you for stopping by. Thank you to those who have introduced yourselves. Thank you for your precious comments and your encouragement. Thank you for sharing yourselves with we are all on this journey of life, learning how to be the women God has called us to our faith out loud....falling down, scrapping our knees, and getting up only by the power and strength of our loving Heavenly Father. To Him the praise and the glory. God isn't finished with us yet! :)

I am blessed by so many of you each day, as I read my favorites and usually stop by some new hear God through each of you.

So, here's what I have to do. I have to answer the following questions and pass this award onto 7 other brilliant bloggers.

Here goes:

A. Attached or single? Attached

B. Best friend? My husband, Barclay since I was about 16. I can't imagine life without him. And Beth, (BF and sister in Christ) who God gave me as a neighbor years ago, when our friendship began...she held my hand, listened to me, cried with me and encouraged me as I walked through my darkest days of Joshua's diagnosis and then his death. She is the only one who remembers Joshua's birthday and homecoming day each year....she knows my heart. She is a friend like no other. I love you!

C. Cake or pie? Ice cream cake

D. Day of choice? Saturday-it is our family day. I love Sunday too, but my husband is an elder at our church and I serve as well, so Sundays can be a bit hectic sometimes.

E. Essential item? ponytail elastic bands...I love my long hair, but can't stand it in my face.

F. Favorite color? Chocolate brown and light pink

G. Gummy bears or worms? worms

H. Hometown? I have a home changed a lot when I was young...when I think of home though I think of Marcellus, NY and Winchester, VA

I. Indulgence? ice cream and Starbucks....(both need some discipline employed!!)

J. January or July? July

K. Kids? 6 (4th son worshipping Jesus in Heaven....can't wait to see you Baby!!)

L. Life isn’t complete without? God, the Father; Jesus, the son and the amazing Holy Spirit

M. Marriage date? June 4, 1994

N. Number of brothers & sisters? 2 sisters (I'm the middle child) and a half brother and sister

O. Oranges or apples? Apples

P. Phobias? Being alone....God is working on me with this one....I'm really never alone with HIM.

Q. Quotes? In Elizabeth Elliot's "A Path Through Suffering" - "It is when the death of winter has done its work that the sun can draw out in each plant its own individuality, and make its existence full and fragrant. Spiritual growth means something more than the sweeping away of the old leaves of sin-it means the life of the Lord Jesus developed in us." (Lilias Trotter)

R. Reasons to smile? tickle giggles from Faith and Jed, deep conversations with Luke, Seth and Ben and big boy hugs (they are never too old) and hearing my husband pull up in the driveway and then walk in the door each day after work....I still get butterflies. A content smile at a quiet house at the end of another day.

S. Season of choice? late Spring and early Summer..when life has come back and the trees and flowers are bursting with color

T. Tag seven peeps! (see below)

U. Unknown fact about me? my eyes change color depending on what I'm wearing...bluish eyes are blue....otherwise they are a light greenish color with a yellow ring around my pupil.....weird, I know...oh and I can touch my tongue to my nose.

V. Vegetable? Love them all....wish I could grow them though.

W. Worst habits? grinding my teeth at night.....enjoying coffee way too much!

X. X-ray or ultrasound? neither.....I don't like going to the doctors.

Y. Your favorite food? ice there a pattern here?

Z. Zodiac sign? Taurus....but so not into that kind of thing!

So, drum roll please.........

7 Brilliant Bloggers I am passing this award along to:

The women I have chosen are all new friends to me. They are women who have travelled a similar path as my own....having your precious child taken home to heaven (so early in life) and in the midst of that pain, finding God's love and grace, His goodness and mercy, His strong arms.. and allowing Him to change us, transform us, conform us more like HIM. To see our pain through His eyes and to praise Him. You will be blessed to know these women. Congrats ladies! Let God's light have shined on me!


Amy said...

Great job proud of you for getting it all posted beautifully......
Bless you

Jill said...


I'm so touched by all you are sharing on here. Great Job Stace!

I love you and can't wait to hang out next week!

HE HE HE! I know a famous blogger and we are friends. OH MY!


boltefamily said...

Wow! I have to say I am a little stunned...:-) I read through all of your stuff thinking about how similar my answers would be and then to see my name at the end as one of the seven you chose. I am still a little in shock, but thank you...I guess it is still weird to me that others even read my ramblings! Thank you Stacy! I am so glad that God brought us together even if only through the internet! Love you girl!