Thursday, July 24, 2008

Max's Visit

My 12 year old Nephew, Max, has been visiting us from Texas. He arrived last Friday and will be with us until Monday. We have been having such a fun time. My children don't get to see their cousins very often, as my older sister lives in Texas and my younger sister lives in Chicago and it is rather expensive to travel as a family of 7....frequent flier miles only go so far! So, this year, as Max was old enough to travel alone.....he flew here by himself.

We cherish anytime we get to spend together. The boys love hanging out with Max. And I think Max is having a good time.....there is a lot of laughter and smiles. We also had Seth's best friend over since Sunday....he is almost part of the family, and so he fit right in.

We've ventured to Chuck E Cheese, thankfully on a day when the place was almost empty and Faith could pretty much run around without me worrying about her. I even got to play a game or two...

The kids have been swimming, jumping on the trampoline and riding bikes.....pedal bikes and dirt bikes. As boys will be isn't just a ride around the neighborhood....there needs to danger and know, the adrenaline rush. Here is a video of the first or second day and the jumps they made in the front yard with a bike jump and a skateboard ramp. They kept moving the jumps further and further apart. I guess after all these years of boys...I've learned to not be a "nervous Nellie." It might also be that I like the adrenaline rush as much as they do...

This year, our three oldest boys: Ben, Seth and Luke all entered the world of Motocross racing. They race in Harescrambles throughout the spring, summer and fall. We are loving it as a family sport. Our backyard has become somewhat of a dirtbike track, though. Max has a couple friends back home who ride for fun, so he borrowed their gear and brought it along. The boys have been practicing in the back yard....and we are hoping to race this Sunday.

Max taking his first couple of runs. (usually they wear more gear: like boots, pants, etc...but it was a really hot day!)

Max going of his first jump. The jump is behind him so you can't really see it.

They come off the driveway and up an embankment....crazy!!!

Ben getting "big air"

Ben and Max

We also went bowling yesterday. There is this little bowling alley about 20 minutes from our house. It is really old, but my kids like it better than the big "Bowling Palace" which is huge...with all the lights, electronic scoreboards, sound effects etc... This bowling place is called Frazer Lanes and it has only 25 or so lanes, but it is never crowded, they have summer specials and we pretty much get the place to ourselves. Max was the big winner yesterday with a 121! Way to go. We had a blast.

Jed bowling and Faith trying to see how it is done...wishing she could have a turn!

Luke and Ben

The clan of big boys checking out the scores

Faithee girl taking a break...bowling is hard, you know!! :)

A pack of boys....eating cereal at 10:00 one night....not quite sure why Jed was up this late..he's my 4 year old????

It's been a fun week so far.....I think we might head off to a skateboard park today....and tomorrow we are off to the Jersey Shore.....pray for mommy and 6 kids off to the shore....what am I thinking??? Hope you are all having a blessed week!



Sharon said...

What a fun group!! Faith is a lucky girl to have all those brothers. You must have lots of energy reverberating thru your house!!
Can't wait to meet them. Love u, s

Jill said...


They are really good and very brave!

Have a blast down the shore.

Love you and I'll be praying for safety at the shore :)

Cyndy said...

Stacy..thanks for sharing! I've read everything to date and after many years of friendship, feel like I know so much more of your it makes us vulnerable, allows us to open our hearts to reveal the SPIRIT of GOD. Thank you for sharing your heart and revealing yourself to all of us! Regarding your mom....the strength that GOD gave her (on the inside) during those four years is so powerful.....her ability to be patient and wait for your return is a testimony that it wasn't in Her time....but in Gods time...and she remained faithful! It was great to talk with you on the beach yesterday!!! I hope Faith's belly withstood all the junk I was feeding her!! I look forward to catching up with you again over the summer! Cyndy